Due to the advancements in tire technology, most of the drivers in Belmar, NJ dont pay attention to them until there is a problem. As a result, people dont inspect it regularly, nor do they take it for maintenance procedures.

One such essential procedure is tire rotation, which you need to perform if you want your wheels to be under warranty. Learn everything you need to know about this crucial maintenance procedure:

Tire Rotation: What is it?

Tire rotation is the process of moving your tires from one position to another...continue reading

As a car owner in Freehold, New Jersey, your manual contains all the technical information you need to know about your vehicle. It is a comprehensive guide, often containing details that you may not find easily elsewhere.

For example, if you want to fill your tires, you can consult the car owners manual. It will give the correct pressure values for each wheel. Similarly, it also provides the necessary information to increase your vehicles lifespan. You can learn how to change various components of your car with...continue reading

Mitsubishi has outdone itself yet again, with their new SUV model the Mitsubishi Outlander. The Outlander has a sleek and angular front which gives the car a smooth and curved look. It is perfect for road trips, families, and long drives.

Now, the 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander is available in Neptune, NJ. You can find a Neptune dealer in Freehold, Asbury Park, Belmar to test drive and purchase the new Mitsubishi Outlander.

The 2020 Outlander offers a redesigned car seat and advanced lumbar support for the driver, ensuring...continue reading

The car AC systems comprise various complex components. There is a compressor that runs using the engine, an expansion valve to control the flow of refrigerants, evaporators, condensers, etc. A fault in any of these components can result in a faulty AC system.

Here are the five most common car AC problems with possible solutions:

Lack of Cold Air

This problem usually occurs as a result of a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant is crucial for the cooling effect. A leak can lead to a deficiency of the refrigerant, reducing...continue reading

The Mitsubishi Galant was first produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Mitsubishi in 1988 for the US. However, it was launched for the first time in Japan way back in 1969. The name Galant means chivalrous in French. The very first Mitsubishi Galant was launched as a compact sedan, but it evolved into a mid-size car over the years.

Here is a look at all the Mitsubishi Galant models over the years:


The Mitsubishi Galant won the award for the Car of the year in 1987 in Japan. Hence, its launch in the...continue reading