Mitsubishi Motors Releases Road Assist + Smartphone App

Mitsubishi Road Assist + Smartphone App

Mitsubishi Motors has been one of the handfuls of companies that have always been dedicated to the development of intelligent driving technology. The company gained the title of “Telematics OEM of the Year” at the globe’s largest and most extensive automobile conference, TU-Automotive Detroit. 

One of the primary reasons for its victory represents the company’s most recent development – the Mitsubishi Road Assist+ smartphone app. 

What is Road Assist+? 

The Mitsubishi Road Assist+ application has been designed to make driving safer and more comfortable for all Mitsubishi customers. The app connects to the vehicle through Bluetooth and collects driving-related data from the car’s systems. It then crunches this data to arrive at key metrics. For each use of the app, the company offers numerous discounts on subsequent purchases to customers. 

The app performs four primary functions utilizing this information: 

    1. Provides Telematics Support
      The Road Assist+ smartphone app collects significant driving details. Speed, acceleration, steering & brake usage, driving pattern provide important metrics about the driving technique.

    2. Creates geospatial awareness
      The application also collates environmental information. Weather, wind speed, terrain conditions, level of traffic, alerts inform the drivers what they can expect while driving. This allows drivers to be mindful about the routes they choose and be careful about how they drive, especially in dangerous conditions. 

    3. Offers advanced GPS technology support 
      The Road Assist+ comes built with a sophisticated GPS system with state-of-the-art sensors, which helps track & save often-used routes. The application recommends shorter and fewer traffic routes based on the driver’s driving history and preferences.

    4. Provides 24/7 roadside emergency assistance 
      The application comes with the contact details and links of licensed auto insurance providers(if they don’t have insurance), Mitsubishi repairmen and other ancillary emergency assistance service providers. Drivers can easily select the services they require on the app and wait for help to arrive. The GPS system helps service professionals track the stranded car with ease. 

Try the Road Assist+ smartphone app today!

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Source: Mitsubishi