Tips For Protecting Your Car In The Summer

Tips For Protecting Your Car In The Summer

Summer can be brutal on your car.

But the good news is it’s very easy to get it summer-ready.

In this article, we review our top 5 tips to protect your vehicle from summer temperatures: 

  • Battery Quality

An overheated battery is treacherous both for your car and its occupants. Heat can burn the wires inside the battery and can lead to chemical processes that overcharge the battery. If unchecked, your car battery could burst, so make sure you allow your battery inspected before summer sets in. 

  • Refill Fluids. 

Coolants, transmission fluids, and oils are essential for the proper functioning of various equipment, right from the A/C to the engine. These liquids can evaporate rapidly during summer and then cause problems for your car. 

Get all these liquids topped-up regularly during the summer months to prevent any issues. 

  • Check Your Tire’s Air Pressure

The heat on the roads is absorbed by your car’s tires. When this happens, the inside of the tires bend out of shape and cause tears in the rubber. If the tear is overly large, your tire could burst. 

Always ensure that your tire pressure is 3-5 psi higher than the normal range to reduce their vulnerability to heat-tears. 

  • Do A Once-Over Of The Engine

Debris build-up in the engine is common for old cars and did you know that a debris-filled engine is a fire hazard? During summer, your car’s bonnet might overheat and catch fire, leading to numerous life-threatening possibilities. 

This is why you should have your engine checked before its summer. 

  • De-Clog The Air Conditioning 

A clogged A/C prevents stale, hot air from escaping your car and prevents brisk, refreshing coming in. This can overheat the interiors of your car tremendously, thereby creating a deadly greenhouse effect inside. 

Therefore prepare to have your car A/C regularly checked and fixed in the summer. You should also install sunshades, visors, and tinted window covers and place wet towels and cooling cushions inside to bring down the internal temperature. 

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