Connecting Your Mitsubishi to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Whether you're an Android or IOS user, Mitsubishi's linkable audio system will connect to your phone and keep you updated with what's going around. You can connect your phone to Mitsubishi's media system, with the help of either your phone's Bluetooth or an external USB cable. The audio system of your Mitsubishi car will also allow the usage of FM/AM/DAB devices, and can also act as the reversing camera screen. 

Using the media device allows you to send and receive text messages with a voice feature, along with taking and making calls and adjusting the music level to your liking. The best part is that you needn't take your eyes off the road since all buttons are located on your steering wheel. 

    Features Unique to Android Auto

      • Google Voice – Connect your Android phone to the media system and control everything with just one "Okay Google." 
      • Google Maps – One of the best navigation systems available online today, let Google Maps guide you to your destination. Live traffic monitor, lane guiding system, and voice-guidance system are only some of its features. 
      • Connectivity to Apps – Android auto makes sure you have access to all the apps you need while you are on the move. 
      • Play Your Choice of Music – With easy access to apps such as Google Play Music and Spotify, you will always be able to play the tunes you like.

    Features Unique to Apple CarPlay 

  • Play Safe with Siri – Pair your IOS phone to Mitsubishi's media system and trust Siri to take care of everything else for you. She will receive your calls, dial out, read out your text messages, and reply to them. Just tell her what needs to be done.
  • Apple Maps – You will never lose your way with Apple Maps. The in-house Apple navigation system gives you detailed directions, state of traffic, and travel time when connected to your Mitsubishi's media device. Need to make use of a particular address from a text message, email, or calendar? Apple maps will access all that and more
  • Music with CarPlay – Want to play music with your iPhone? Just use the CarPlay system to play your choice while on the go.

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