Benefits of Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Are you considering a certified pre-owned vehicle in Asbury Park? When you buy a new car, it takes a massive depreciation hit in the first year. If you consider purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, understand is not without risk. 

With a used car, you might actually be getting a version with more problems than you expected. There’s a way to avoid both situations; buying a certified pre-owned vehicle. 

What is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, or CPO? They are gently used vehicles with minimal miles, and thorough reconditioning and inspections. So why buy a certified pre-owned vehicle in Freehold?

5 Benefits of a Certified Pre-owned Car:

1. Affordable
A CPO car is more affordable compared to a brand-new model. The best part about it is that it’s already hit by depreciation, making them far less expensive. Also, your CPO vehicle is two to three years old. For instance, a CPO SUV, car, or truck costs 25% less compared to a brand-new version of the same make. Also, a CPO vehicle that's four years old can cost up to 40% less.

2. Manufacturer’s Warranty
Your certified pre-owned vehicle comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Some automakers provide a combination of bumper-to-bumper warranty and a limited power-train warranty. Both vary in coverage length, deductibles, coverage of systems, components, etc. 

A typical deductible range between $50 and $100. A few CPO power-train warranties may last for 100,000 miles. If you plan to sell your vehicle before the warranty expires, find out if a new owner transfer fee is applicable.

3. Thorough Inspections 
Vehicles that qualify for the CPO program often have odometers with 36,000 miles or less. The health of the vehicle can be further determined from history reports. This also includes the car’s title status and VIN code. 

Our expert mechanics conduct a comprehensive inspection before a CPO vehicle sale. These inspections review 120 items before the vehicle is available for sale.