2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: 6 Quirky Features

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a great car with all the expected features of an SUV. But the Japanese brand has also added some off-beat quirky features to the car that usually go unnoticed in the first look. Here are six such features that give this car an edge over others.

1. Double Sliding Moonroof

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross offers a moonroof that is designed in two separate pieces, a sliding one towards the front and a fixed glass one on the rear. They can both be operated by two different switches. The switches are also placed separately, one in the front overhead console light panel, and the other behind the front seats.

2. Turn Signal Sounds

The Eclipse Cross is equipped with turn signal sounds, but the quirkiness factor comes in when the brand offers two kinds of sounds to choose from. You can either pick a tick-tock sound or a more Japanese sounding beep-bop noise. They are both equally effective and can be chosen based on your liking.

3. Modes: Auto, Snow, and Gravel

A button lets you change modes between automatic, snow, and gravel. The car’s standard-setting is fixed on auto, but you can pick the snow or gravel mode based on the terrain. The car does not change modes automatically, though. If you switch off on a particular mode, the car will restart in the same mode.

4. Interval Changing Wiper on the Rear

The car lets you choose the time that the rear window’s wiper takes to complete one swipe. You can pick between options of 4, 8, and 16 seconds between each round. This may not seem utterly necessary, but can be useful in extremely bad weather.

5. Accessories Options after Shutting the Engine

The car’s audio system and phone charging system can work for 30 to 60 minutes after turning off the car. They draw their power from the car’s battery.

6. Airflow Options

You can control the airflow between the windshield and footwell vents, and increase or decrease them as you like.

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Source: Mitsubishi