iOS CarPlay Available on Select Mitsubishi Models

Infotainment systems have become an essential feature of any vehicle today and are heavily scrutinized by customers when looking to buy a new car. Mitsubishi has the CarPlay system installed in select cars across all segments and variants of its collection. Let us take a look at a list of Mitsubishi models that have been equipped with the system. 

  • I-MiEV (2017 onwards) - The American version of Mitsubishi’s innovative electronic vehicle, the I-MiEV, has been equipped with IOS CarPlay since the 2017 iteration.
  • Pajero (2016 onwards) – One of Mitsubishi’s most popular models across the world, the Pajero has been provided with CarPlay Infotainment since 2016.
  • Pajero Sport (2016 onwards) – The Sportier cousin of Pajero, the Pajero Sport has also had access to CarPlay since its 2016 model.
  • Mirage (2016 onward) – One of the world’s most popular hatchback cars, the Mirage has been equipped with the CarPlay infotainment system since 2016.
  • Mirage G4 (2016 onward) – Another one of Mitsubishi’s most popular models across the world, the Mirage G4 is laden with features and gives heavy competition to its rivals in the subcompact sedan category. It received CarPlay capability in 2016.
  • Outlander (2017 onwards) – One of the biggest contenders in the SUV segment, the Outlander was provided with IOS CarPlay in its 2017 model.
  • Outlander PHEV (2017 onwards) – The plug-in hybrid version of the Outlander, was also provided with the CarPlay infotainment system in its 2017 model.
  • ASX (2017 onwards) – One of the rapidly emerging popular cars in the compact SUV segment, the ASX has been equipped with CarPlay since its 2017 variant.
  • Triton (2017 onwards) - Mitsubishi’s very first foray into the compact pick-up truck segment was introduced with CarPlay from its 2017 version.
  • Delica D: 2 (2017 onwards) – The mini-van Delica D: 2 received the CarPlay infotainment system for the first time in its 2017 model.
  • Delica D: 2 Custom (2017 onwards) – The hybrid version of the above Delica D: 2 was provided with Apple CarPlay in its 2017 model.
  • Eclipse Cross (2017 onwards) - Mitsubishi’s newest compact SUV in the market was equipped with CarPlay in its 2018 iteration.

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