Mitsubishi Safety Features

Mitsubishi cars in Neptune, NJ are witnessing an increasing demand from safety-conscious car buyers. After all, it’s one carmaker that strives to take on-road safety a notch higher with every recent launch. 

Here are a few safety features that Mitsubishi has in store:

RISE Body Construction 
All Mitsubishi vehicles today have their signature Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) construction. This improves passenger protection during collisions, thanks to its energy-absorption capability into the front, back, and sides.

Front Pedestrian Impact Crumple Zones 
Besides occupants of the vehicle, the construction of Mitsubishi automobiles can equally protect pedestrians. The bumper and lip have crumple zones to reduce injury to people walking on pavements.

Active Stability Control (ASC)
This system monitors the grip and traction of each tire. If a situation of wheel slip arises, the system engages the anti-lock brakes and slows down the wheels to avoid a spinout.

Traction Control Logic (TLC)

This system maintains an equal wheel-spin between all tires by applying brakes and torque to a freely spinning wheel. It follows a mechanism that’s the opposite of ASC to maintain an equilibrium between all the tires.

Adaptive Cruise Control
Just like cruise control, the driver may present a specific speed for the vehicle. But with adaptive cruise control in Mitsubishi models, the process is automated to maintain a cautious distance from cars moving ahead of it.

Forward Collision Mitigation
This system notifies the driver if another vehicle is approaching them too quickly. It will slam on the brakes in case the driver does not respond to the warning to prevent an accident.

Lane Departure Warning
Traffic violations in NJ that can be as small as departing your own lane can prove extremely expensive. Thanks to this system, absent-minded drivers can prevent such situations. It forewarns them when they are straying from their path or drifting towards the lines separating different lanes. 

All of the above safety features are standard or available on all Mitsubishi vehicles today. Give us a call today at (732) 922-1050 to schedule a test drive or visit our showroom today! Located at 3401 Route 66 Neptune NJ 07753 means we are just a brief drive from Ford lovers aroundFreehold, Asbury Park, and Belmar, and beyond!