Do Car Brakes Wear Faster in the Summer?

The stifling heat of the summer can affect many things, including your brakes. Anything made from plastic is most vulnerable. We’re all aware that when the car is left in the sun, its paint begins to fade. On the inside, the heat is actually cooking the rubber parts under the hood. It isn’t helping the interiors either. So, you can only imagine what the heat might do to your car brakes?

Heat is actually the biggest enemy for your car brakes. Heat is naturally generated by friction while braking, but when you add rising temperatures into the mix, it can create havoc on your brakes. Luckily vehicle manufacturers have spent much on research and development to perfect brake pads. This makes them resistant to heat caused by ambient temperatures and friction.

How does friction cause heat?

In the summer, every time you press down on the brakes, it sends brake fluid into the brake lines and calipers, which will squeeze the rotors, enabling your car to stop or slow down. Typical rotors can reach up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Rotors in race cars and heavier vehicles can tolerate nearly 500 degrees. Brake systems are built so that kinetic energy is converted into friction. The more heat generated by the brakes, the more power there is to stop the car.

Over the passage of time, this heat arising from friction will lead to a breakdown in braking components. If your brakes get overheated, and the heat is unable to escape, your brake system may fail. As the heat increases in the summer, the chances of seeing a failure in the brake system gets bigger. Without quality brake components, your vehicle may not be able to handle the heat.

Brake Pads: The Heat Solution

The best way to deal with this situation is to get top quality brake pads for your vehicle. Heat resistant brake pads are your best bet. Keep your driving habits, driving style, and cost in mind when selecting between different types of brake pads. You have a choice between ceramic, organic, and semi-metallic.

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Source: Pexels