Tips To Avoid Road Hazards

Every driver must overcome a road hazard at least once in their life. While some dangers can leave minimal damage, others can be life-threatening if you aren't experienced enough. No matter how much you learn in driver's school, in the end, your presence of mind is what saves you.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind at all times to protect your life in an emergency.

1. Skidding
Skidding occurs on a road that has become wet due to rain or a snowstorm. A car can easily start spinning out of control on slick surfaces.

If your vehicle starts to skid, take your foot off the gas pedal. Next, focus on a point where you want the car to stop, and gently steer in that direction. Do not oversteer, understeer, or slam the brakes. Once you regain control, hit the brakes softly if necessary.

Driving in fog is perilous, as your vision is completely obstructed. There are increased chances of accidents in such a situation since there's a possibility that the road is damp. So remember to drive slowly in a fog. 

Since you cannot see anything, turn off the radio and roll down the windows to hear outside sounds. Use fog lights if your vehicle is equipped with them. If not, turn on the low beams (high beams will simply be reflected).

A blowout is one of the scariest things that can occur, especially if you are on the highway, and leads to the car veering out of control.

Do not stick your head out to assess the damage. You may turn the wheel and cause the car to spin. Do not slam the brakes either. Take your foot off the gas pedal, and slowly steer the vehicle to a stop.

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