Top 4 Summer Car Maintenance Tips

A Summer Road Trip

Summer is the road trip season for everyone, but during that period, precaution has to be taken to protect you from the extreme heat, including your mode of transport, your car. Extreme temperatures could shut down your car due to the heat and dump you helplessly on the roadside, if not maintained properly. Poor car maintenance could leave you stranded, therefore, please follow the tips given below in keeping your car healthy and running this entire summer season.

Engine: Heart of the Vehicle

The most damaging car element in the extreme summer heat would be overheated engines. Therefore, it’s necessary to check the coolant levels during a road trip, especially when the sun is at its peak. Also, do not forget to flush out the earlier coolant before any road trip and refill, maintaining the coolant/water mix, or do as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Tires: Keeps You Moving

The correct Tire pressure of your vehicle ensures a soft & smooth ride. An over-inflated tire can give you a bumpy ride and even burst while traveling, while an under-inflated tire can also burst but both can happen because of over-heating due to very high road temperatures. Therefore, tire pressures must be checked and correctly maintained at least once or twice in a month, including the spare.

Battery: The Charger for your Car

A dead battery can leave you high and dry, especially on the dark highways if the engine shuts down. Therefore, a good battery is very much required when traveling or on a road trip. The extreme heat also would take its toll on the smooth functioning of the battery & reduce its life. Get your battery inspected for its fluids & tested for its functions, if not replace it, before going on a road trip. 

AC: The Human Coolant

AC helps you to have a relaxed & cool drive, especially in harsh weather. On long drives, the AC helps in preventing fatigue & keeps you alert while driving. A road trip in extreme summer with the heat beating on your head, without the AC working, is worse than a nightmare. Even a bad AC could overheat the car engine. Therefore, get your AC checked before going anywhere, especially in the hot & humid summer.

To Carry on You

Even after proper maintenance & tune-up of your vehicle, all proper check-ups, etc., a breakdown can take place. So it’s better to carry along with you the emergency kit in your vehicle as per AAA’s recommendation, which should include water, non-perishable foodstuff, a flashlight with spare batteries, first aid kit, etc.

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Source: Mitsubishi