Winter Advisory: How To Prepare for Harsh Road Conditions

Winter in Neptune, NJ can be quite snowy and icy at times. Persistent cold winds, freezing rain, and low temperatures can make driving more difficult. Check the weather and driving situation before heading out for a drive around Neptune.

Being aware of harsh road conditions in advance. Taking precautionary measures is the best way to prepare for winter driving. Below are a few more recommendations for residents and drivers in Neptune. 

Be Prepared for Winter Driving

1. Drive Slowly. 
Cruise up to 10 miles per hour less than the suggested speed limit during icy and snowy conditions. Don't hesitate to reduce the speed a little more if you’re unable to grab traction.

2. Avoid Tailgating. 
Leave enough distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. If the driver in front brakes fast, you have ample space (and time) to act.

3. Be Careful of Black Ice. 
It's almost impossible to see, except when the headlights of your vehicle reflect the road. Black ice forms in shadowy areas, on bridges, and at intersections. This is why it’s imperative to reduce your usual driving pace.

4. Avoid Braking at a Turn. 
Be cautious when taking turns. Begin shifting the steering while feathering the brakes before the curve. Coast through it with your foot of the brake pedal and gas. This prevents you from gaining speed. If you keep your foot on the brakes, the wheels will stop turning, causing the vehicle to spin out of control.

5. Stay Calm During a Skid.
It’s easy to panic and lose control of your vehicle when it begins to skid. It helps to remain calm. Remove your foot off the gas and brake pedals. Turn the steering into the direction of the skid. For instance, if your car is skidding to the right, turn the wheel into the same direction.